Deck Materials

Know your Choices!

  • High quality workmanship requires the highest quality materials.

There are a large variety of materials to work with when building your deck. Manufacturers evolve with the needs of the populous. Deck Contractors must evolve with them. It is your Deck Contractors responsibility to both know and explain the pros and cons of each product. It is your Deck Contractors responsibility to Evolve!

  • Wood Decks include Pressure Treated, Cedar and Brazilian Hardwood.
  • Composites include a long list of product lines ranging in composition from 100% PVC to blended polymer / wood components; from the Trex or Timbertech composite originators who began it all to the up and coming Fiberon and Wolf lines who’ve made the next steps in product development reaching those with budget restraints as well as those with a desire for quality.
  • Porcelain tile and Paving Stone are the “new” deck surfaces offering the ultimate in maintenance free decking with an entirely different look to the long used standard deck tops we’ve grown accustomed to. All at the same level and range of pricing as composites!

Competition is healthy and benefits the homeowner as deck product manufacturers work to produce larger variety / choices and better pricing to meet the needs of everyone, with budget and quality in mind. With that comes a growing and much more complex responsibility of the Deck Contractor to understand each products limitations and usefulness. Budget, aesthetics, and maintenance are but a few factors to consider. As we say in this business, “Site conditions dictate”, because we know that every property and homeowner is different. How close to the ground is your deck? Where will the water flow? How much traction will the surface have? How will this product sustain under a dropped mayonnaise jar (we live in Canada and can say that!) or the hail, or the sun? Some products will fail in certain applications where others will not. Calgary’s climate is challenging at best. Be sure to explore the limitations of your deck product choice and of course, hire a Deck Contractor who knows the product you’ve chosen.


  • Wind protection. Shade. Privacy. Easily achieved with almost any material!
  • Deck skirting stops the weeds from growing as it stops the sunlight from getting under your deck. In most cases, this will also provide much needed storage for your yard items needing protection.
  • 2nd storey decks might need post wraps, soffit, waterproofing. We can do that! And in a wide variety of materials too.

Outdoor kitchen? Yes!

Outdoor Fire Place? Yes!

Swing benches, Gazebos, Pergolas, oh my!

Whatever the look you’re after. Whatever the theme, rustic to contemporary. Whatever the functional needs you need met – we’re here to help! Evolve Decks Ltd. knows decks! . . . and everything your deck needs.

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